How did you meet Jenny?
We met Jenny when she was dropped off for us to watch her for a long weekend while her foster parents were out of town. (We had seen her in the shelter several months before, but we didn’t interact with her then).

How did she behave when you first met?
She stared at us but kept to herself. Her foster parents told us to let her warm up to us before petting her, so we kept our distance for awhile.  

How much interaction have you had with Jenny?
She stayed with us for five or six days.

What do you think are her negative characteristics?
She has a bad reaction to other dogs and motorcycles. She’ll get tense, and bark loudly, and lunge at dogs and motorcycles if she sees them. Initially, she did not like us getting close to her face.

What are her positive characteristics?
If there are no dogs or motorcycles around, she never barks. She doesn’t get into cabinets or jump on furniture. She seems content mostly lounging around. Once she warmed up to us (after 3 or so days) she seemed to enjoy limited petting and loved treats. She was a good walker (as long as we went somewhere without other dogs around).  

Have you ever felt unsafe or scared around Jenny?
We had trouble getting a leash on Jenny at first. She tensed, and barked, and snapped at us anytime we got close to her face. So, to the extent that we had to keep trying (in order to take her outside for a potty break), that was upsetting. But, we were never scared of her otherwise. And once she warmed up to us, putting on the leash was no trouble at all. Walks around our Belltown neighborhood were tricky because there are so many dogs here. But when we drove to a nearby area without many dogs, the walks were pretty enjoyable.

Has Jenny acted aggressively (growing, snapping, biting, etc.) towards you?
Yes. The first day we had her, she growled and snapped when we tried to put a leash on her. It took maybe 6 tries and several hours before we were successful. In her defense, we were probably making her more anxious. Once we figured out how to do it (just give lots and lots of treats), it got easier and easier until it didn’t bother her at all.

Have you observed Jenny acted aggressively towards others?
No, other than barking and lunging at dogs and motorcycles.

Do you think Jenny is a dangerous dog?
No. She just doesn’t like new people, other dogs, or motorcycles.  Without those things, she’s perfectly safe (and sweet).