Jenny's Story

Jenny the dog was surrendered to the Seattle Animal Shelter last September and placed into foster care with us in November.

Although she is usually a sweet and mellow girl, Jenny becomes nervous when approached suddenly by unfamiliar people. Sometimes she air snaps (once) to ask for more space. Two weeks ago, a woman passed us closely on a trail and her skirt flew by Jenny's face. Jenny air snapped and briefly caught the woman's skirt.

After that incident, the shelter deemed Jenny to be dangerous and unadoptable, even though she has never hurt anyone or received complaints. Before this decision, we did not receive any warning or indication from our case managers or any shelter staff that Jenny's behavior could cause her to be euthanized.

We have cared for Jenny for eight months and would like to continue. Please ask the shelter to let Jenny live and allow us to adopt her.

With gratitude,
Amie and Olli

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