I only met Jenny twice, once at the shelter and once when she first came to you, so I have limited background unfortunately and don’t feel like I can reliably answer many of your questions. I also haven’t seen her since early in your time with her, so have no context or background to answer how she has changed/evolved over time. What I can tell you the most about is my initial meeting with her.

In my initial meeting with Jenny, I found her sensitive to body handling such as putting on a harness or leash and to my initial presence in her kennel at the shelter. She made her discomfort clear through body posture such as freezing, licking her lips, some stares, and general demeanor. She did respond well to slow movement and patience on my part to let her approach me and we ultimately had a very nice walk where she was very happy to be pet and receive physical affection. I was very careful to test and stop frequently when i pet her, and to pet her chest vs over her head or back. I did feel I needed to be very aware of what she was communicating and very careful to handle her appropriately. I didn’t feel she would initiate aggression toward me as long as I was respectful of her and also aware of our surroundings and what might stress her. It was clear to me if I pushed her or didn’t respect her limits that she likely would respond defensively in some way to make me give her more space.

I observed her with you and Olli early on and saw how she did with handling and saw the same things at that point with you that I experienced a the shelter. She hadn’t been with you long at all, so there really hadn’t been time for her to adjust. I do recall asking you to not take her collar off as I didn’t want you to be in the position of having to put it on to take her on walks as I was worried how she would respond to the handling.

I recall introducing the muzzle as her recent experience with it at the shelter had been so bad, that we really wanted to make sure she was muzzle trained for any subsequent vet visits and just to ease ability to work with her when needed.