Mari and Tony

Amie, Jenny, Mari, Tony

How did you meet Jenny?
We met Jenny soon after Amie and Olli started fostering her as we are next door neighbors. We met Jenny inside of their apartment.

How did she behave when you first met?
She was unsure at first until it was obvious that we were safe to her. It didn’t take long for her to see that.

How much interaction have you had with Jenny?
We see her daily in the halls, and often when we visit Olli and Amie at their house. Jenny lets us pet her and she walks along with us.

What do you think are her negative characteristics?
She does need some special care as she is an older dog.

What are her positive characteristics?
Jenny is quite calm and doesn’t run around trying to get attention from everyone. She doesn’t beg or steal food.

Have you ever felt unsafe or scared around Jenny?
Not one bit.

Has Jenny acted aggressively (growing, snapping, biting, etc.) towards you?

Have you observed Jenny acted aggressively towards others?

Do you think Jenny is a dangerous dog?
Not at all.