Syed, Jenny, Olli

How did you meet Jenny?
I met this cute dog Jenny when she first moved to our building. She had no problem with letting me pet her and get close to her.

How did she behave when you first met?
She was cool. She likes to mind her own business but she was interested in knowing who I was… We became friends instantly.

How much interaction have you had with Jenny?
I see her almost everyday in passing and I visit her at her loft weekly to go on walks with her foster parents. She’s always happy to see me and can’t wait for me to pet her and give her loving attention. She’s a very friendly dog.

What do you think are her negative characteristics?
She sheds so much!

What are her positive ones?
I like how she is very respectful of people’s space. She never crowds me or annoys me like other dogs. She enjoys the initial greeting and she goes about her own business. I enjoy taking walks with her because she is alert in our dangerous neighborhood.

Have you ever felt unsafe or scared around Jenny?
Absolutely not!

Has Jenny acted aggressively (growing, snapping, biting, etc.) towards you?

Have you observed Jenny acted aggressively towards others?

Do you think Jenny is a dangerous dog?
She is not a dangerous dog by any means.