How did you meet Jenny?
I met Jenny at Amie & Olli’s as they’re my friends. I met Jenny soon after they got her at their apartment.

How did she behave when you first met?
She was aloof. Not very interested in interacting with me. Sniffed me a little bit but went and laid down. Didn’t respond to my calls unless I had food for her.

How much interaction have you had with Jenny?
Not very much. I’ve seen her at their apartment maybe a handful of times? I also helped Olli pick her up from the vet after she had a procedure done. I would be in the same space with her anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours when I’m there.

What do you think are her negative characteristics?
She generally seems not very interested in interacting with humans.

What are her positive ones?
She’s a very cute dog and is sweet when she wants to be pet.

Have you ever felt unsafe or scared around Jenny?
Yes, initially but it doesn’t have a lot to do with Jenny per se. I’m not used to being around big dogs and am a little anxious to be around them especially when I know they’re anxious too. Once I know the dog/dog knows me, I’m more relaxed around them. In the limited time I spent with Jenny, I could see that she was getting more relaxed around me too from her body language etc.

Has Jenny acted aggressively (growing, snapping, biting, etc.) towards you?
No. Because Amie gave me a heads up about Jenny’s anxiety around body handling, I gave her space she needed, and it seemed to help.

Have you observed Jenny acted aggressively towards others?
I’ve seen Jenny snap at my husband Dave a couple of times. She didn’t actually bite him. Dave is a dog person and is more comfortable with interacting with dogs than me. I think he got too close too fast. He’s also a much larger person than me, and maybe she got scared because of that too.

Do you think Jenny is a dangerous dog?
No, I don’t think she’s a dangerous dog. I do think she might thrive better in a different environment where she can run around and engage in some kind of activities so she doesn’t get bored?